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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Clayton's walk

(Originally posted 1st of June 2005)

A Clayton's walk is a walk you have when you're not having a walk. Some idiot tried flogging some non-alcoholic drink to Australians a few decades back. Like that was ever going to sell in a nation of pissheads.

Anyways, the name and the slogan stuck: "Clayton's. The drink you have when you're not having a drink" and we use it to take the piss out of pretty much everything. John Howard, the leader you have when you're not having a leader and so on. In this case it was a walk not contributing to my every-street walk so it was a Clayton's. God I'm long-winded this week.

Close to transport
(Big version) The sigh says "So close to transport!" and that's a train whizzing past behind.

So off I went on my Clayton's walk. Down to the river. Took a few photos and finished another film. Sat at a picnic table in the park and read for a bit. Nice warm sun on my face, the clicking of the coin-operated BBQ as it cooled down. Nice spot for a sausage sizzle.

Hardly a bird in the sky. The kookaburras are not noisy during the day and it was feeding time at the fish-n'chips beside the ferry so there was nary a pelican or seagull to be seen.

That feeding time thing is a rather bloody affair. Tourists shouting excitedly, small children screaming in fear as the pelicans open those huge beaks, someone getting too close and nearly losing a toe to a short-sighted seagull. All the fun of the fair.

Normally the pelicans squat on top of lightpoles along the foreshore or hang in the sky slowling circling upwards. It's thermals they're hanging in, by the way. Warm air rises in sort of funnels and large birds and sail-plane gliders make use of it to gain lift. We went gliding when I was a wee thing and I've looked out along a glider's wing several times and found an eagle looking back at me as we shared a thermal. They take a good long look at you then ignore you.

(Big version)

Wandered back after an hour or so. Found a flyer for a local garden shop in my letterbox. "Free delivery!" My favourite kind. I'm get the bus down there next week and see what they've got. Hopefully I'll be able to get my frangipanni from them and not have to trek up and down the Coast for it.

Off on a Walk walk tomorrow. When I trek off to pick up my orthotic thingies.

Next walk


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