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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Francine Finished

Francine started her walk of every street of Minneapolis in January 2002 and finished on Sunday the 10th of July 2005. She had a small celebration with friends at the finishing point and got on national radio and on the telly.

Since then she’s been off her feet recovering from (unrelated) foot surgery. She’s become something of a celebrity, with dozens of articles about her on the net and no doubt some more in the print-only media. She’s also connected to her fellow every-street walkers around the world and is mentioned on related and unrelated blogs.

News sites across America:
1,071 miles under her feet (Star Tribune.com)
Duluth News Tribune
KARE 11.com
WCCO.com (includes news footage)
The Boston Globe
WKBT.com news
The Odd Truth (CBS)
The Buzz
Lancaster Online
Cave News - Unusual news stories
College of St. Catherine News.

Non-news sites:
New York City Walk
Catron County Walk
Me, my life + infrastructure
Coffee Grounds
The Hiawatha Project
Car Free 2005

Francine’s website:
Francine Corcoran Photography

Got a link about Francine I left off the list? Bung it in the comments.

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