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Sunday, January 22, 2006


(Originally posted 8th of August 2005)

If the previous post seemed a little tense and distracted, it was. Opened up my email when I got home and found an email from my aunt. My father's emailed my aunts and uncles telling them he's not speaking to them anymore.

Jesus. H. Christ.

As long as I've known him my father has been irrational, petty, tyrannical, self-deluding, selfish and ... I said irrational already.

Now, after behaving like a complete swine after Gran's death, he's decided not to speak to his brother and sisters anymore.

I'm so fucking tense. My scalp is so tense it feels like my skull will crush under the pressure and there's a tennis ball-sized headache thumping over my eye. I'm twitching with the effort of not booking a flight to Perth to bludgeon some sense into him. After everything he put my aunts and uncles through after Gran’s death and now this.

Think I'll totter off and take a handful of headache tablets.

P.S. I forgot egomaniacal and self-important.

[UPDATE, January 2006: My father has since cut off everyone in the family, including me. Looking back, this has been coming for a long time and if he could be dragged to a doctor I doubt he'd get a clean bill of mental health. Sad but true.]

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