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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Stats & stuff

I've now done an eighth of my walkies area, counting Wednesday’s walk.

Wednesday's was 9 kilometres. The longest one before that was 3 kilomteres. So I tripled the previous distance. Excellent!

My start date was the 1st of March this year and my planned finish date is either the 1st of September or 1st of December. Depends on how hot spring is. Spring starts on the 1st of September.

This every-street thing is excellent motivation. I loathe exercise for its own sake. Goal-orientated exercise I like. I've already got walks planned for the next five winters. I'll probably walk in summer too but Australian summers can be pretty fierce, even at six in the morning.

Apart from more walks around here, I'm planning a few in the 19th century parts of Sydney. Which are mainly round the Harbour and along the railway line to Strathfield.

The Rocks - the port's cheapest area in the 19th century. Damp and dodgy landlords were a problem and there was an outbreak of the plague in The Rocks in 1900.

Woollahra - built mostly in the late 19th & early 20th centuries from what I can tell. Been through it a couple of times and it's rather pleasant.

Paddo, Darlo & Surry Hills - 19th & early 20th century light industry & working class housing. Surry Hills is still full of clothing factories & warehouses.
Woolloomooloo - commercial & naval docks area & where the Powerhouse Museum's silent film of The Sentimental Bloke was filmed.

Chinatown - speaking Cantonese since the 1920s.
The Cross - now full of knocking shops & strip clubs.

Woolahra's 12 kilometres square and the others are about the same. Where I'm walking now is 19 kms square and the streets not quite as densely packed.

I've been working on a fic set in and around Darlo so there would be a good place to start. Also, Darlo, Paddo, Surry Hills and Newtown are queer Sydney and I can start with the queer history walks set up by The Brothers & Sisters.

It takes about an hour by train from my place to Darlo. I'll have to start bloody early in the morning to walk the streets of Darlo et al. Do it in winter and I'll want to avoid the crowds and cars splashing me. Do it in summer and I can use the shade from the buildings but I'll need to avoid the crowds pushing me into the sun.

There's also Parramatta where a farm was set up not long after white peeps started settling Australia in 1788. I've been to Elizabeth Farm and Government House at Parra. Very nice. I particularly fancied the wee reading/ letter-writing room at the end of the veranda at Elizabeth Farm. It was about eight feet square. Plenty of room for a desk, chair and couch but not enough room for someone to stay and hassle you. Heaven.

Okay. I'm off to sit in the sun on the balcony having my lunch.

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