I walked every street in Woy Woy

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Walk #10

(Walked 1st of May 2005)

Longish walk again. One & three-quarter hours. The old feet are thrumming painfully.

Might need new whatsits actually. Orthotic devices. Sounds metal and hinge-y no? But they're just hard foam slip-in insoles that're higher on one side than the other by a centimetre. Which is 3/8s of an inch in American. I've got unbalanced feet and so has 40% of the population apparently. Nothing major to get new ones. An hour at the foot doctor stepping on and off strange machines and ink pads and onto sheets of paper.

Bay's end
(Big version) Deadman's (Correa) Bay from Correa Bay Reserve.

Took a few photos. Went at 10AM so the light was much better. I've had no luck getting low light film. There seems to be a state-wide shortage at the moment. Bastards!

Beautiful day for walkies. Warm autumn sun and a not-too-cool breeze. Sat at a picnic table in a riverside park for a bit. There no-one there but one bloke wrangling a dingy onto the boatramp, some hopeful seagulls and a baby Morten Bay Fig tree. That'll be a big tree one day. They're used in parks all over Australia. Except in the desert bit in the middle but you knew that.

Saw an interesting cloud. Will bung it up on Flickr with a link from Cloud Spotters R Us. One keeps in good with one's fellow cloud spotters by regularly posting cloud porn links.

One of the things I'm enjoying most about this walk-every-street walk is getting acquainted with all the tiny parks and gardens and oddities that normally go unnoticed. Little snippets of public land at the ends of cul-de-sacs, public access paths between houses, that sort of thing.

Today I discovered a tiny boggy de facto carpark. Coupla blokes fishing from the mangrove flats there, dead mattress, kicked-in tv, a few beer bottles. Nothing major. Just a quiet little spot you'd barely notice from a car.

Walking also gives you time to gawk at other people's gardens as you go by. Saw a gazebo sort of thingy today. One of those things that're just a wooden frame with brick paving under them. It had a vine trained up over it and the branches on top in the sun were ablaze with beautiful bright pink flowers.

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