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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Walk #14

(Walked 11th of May 2005)

Went to the flicks (movies) to see Hitchhiker's and incorporated a walk into that. Walked from the bus-stop to the cinema (theater), bought a ticket, then wandered down to the beach.

(Big version)

It was another unseasonally sunny autumn day. Sat on a rock in the shade and watched a couple of peeps paddle past in kayaks and the old guys fishing off the jetty right next to the No Fishing Off The Jetty sign. Bugger all breeze but the temperature was just right and the sound of the waves 20 feet in front of me was nice.

Looking north-east
(Big version)

That new resort hotel thingy has been finished at last. Not too ugly as such thingies go but a hideous blot on the landscape when viewed from the beach. And that's only half of it. There's still a hole where they pulled down the original naff* brown building. Can't remember what they're putting in it. Another thingy to match the other thingy I expect. It better not be taller. The finished thingy is six bloody stories. [UPDATE, 18th of January 2006: The thingy they put in the hole turned out to be only a below-ground carpark, thank God.]

(Big version)

Hitchhiker's wasn't bad. Loved Zaphod. Better than the Zaphod in the TV series actually. His tight shiny underpants were a good touch.

I'm slowly eating up the streets. Decided not to eat up the lanes just yet. This area's riddled with lanes. They run behind the houses and some of them run for miles. So I'm sticking to paved streets until I've done every street then do the lanes separately.

It's dusk right now and the cockatoos are screeching overhead. I've closed the windows and, looking at the sky, there might be fog again in the morning.

* Naff is cheap plastic leather wallets that think they're as good as the real thing and chocolate brown 70s architecture.

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