I walked every street in Woy Woy

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Walk #15

(Walked 16th of May 2005)

It was blowing cold at the beach. A rough sea coming in through the heads and black black clouds piled high in the sky. White container ship on the horizon waiting to go into the harbour. Not a soul on the beach, of course, not even a mad surfer dude. The life guard tower was shut up tight and the only other living soul was some guy in a van in the carpark eating a steaming sausage roll. Not the euphemism kind of sausage roll, unfortunately.

Lion Island & Barrenjoey Head
(Big version)

No zoom film cameras in the local pawn shop. Caught the bus there then walked down to the beach. Stood there for a few minutes with the hood up on my waterproof. Then went along an un-named lane and up another street to the next bus-stop along. Way too tired still to walk all the way along the beach.

Caught the bus from the beach to the station and did another tiny walk there. Past the footy oval then round the park by the jetty. As I was coming past the pub a car pulled up near the corner. The driver was so drunk his mates had to help him into the pub. At two o'clock on a Monday afternoon.

Waiting at the bus station to come home some unattractive bloke who smelt like a dead dog in a ditch tried to crack onto me.

Put another film in for developing. Will have to go up to Ginormous Shopping Centre sometime soon. There's a big pawn shop there. Definitely need a better camera to see me through until the digitals settle down in price and quality.

Pooped. Got a cuppa tea on the boil and this week's TV guide. Will read the reviews and drink my cuppa at the table next to the window.

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