I walked every street in Woy Woy

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Walk #16

(Walked 20th of May 2005)

Got rather warm. When I started out it was a bit chilly. I was heading to the beach so I wore a jacket. Roasted on my way back even though it was fully overcast by then.

Sat in the sun and dined al fresco on that fat and juicy kebab. Wore the last of it down my trousers. Such is life, as an infamous Australian said just before they shot him*.

Stood for a while on the viewing platform thingy at the beach. I'd say look-out but look-outs are high. This was all of 2 metres (6-7 feet) off the ground and bore signs of being a late night hangout for teenagers. Empty beer bottles and choc-milk cartons chucked into the scrub. There were a few surfer types out there on the water. The sea was rough and grey and the waves as big as they get round here. All the wave action was right next to the rocks at the point. Watched for a bit but there were no interesting accidents.

Black roof house
(Big version)

Another photo was of a house with a black painted tin roof. That's right, some idiot painted their tin roof black. Perhaps they intend to commit suicide by slow roasting come summer. [UPDATE, January 2006: This house now has a radio station's name on the roof so presumably they can afford enough aiconditioning to counter the roof thing.]

Picked up some of those baby wipes. Little packet for wiping my hands on after scratching dogs. Wiped my face whilst trying not to think of people wiping babies bums.

* Ned Kelly. Yep, same guy as in that movie Ned Kelly.

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