I walked every street in Woy Woy

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Walk #17

(Walked 23rd of May 2005)

Took a couple of photos. Some waterfowl on a lawn and a large dog that was peeing on everything. The light was pretty low and the shadows from the park long so there were few photo opportunities.


Today's was a bus-assisted walk. Caught the bus to my start point and walked back from there. The old feet are thrumming a bit and I got a bit warm but I'm good. Off to the podiatrist on Friday to have the feet examined. Check-up sorta thing and some advice on a new pair of walking shoes.

Today's streets were all 60s & 70s houses on one side and brand new villa units on the other side. The units were all right but a bit bland. Nicked a nice bit of geranium from outside a fence. Bit too pooped to plant that today. Got it in a plastic bag on the windowsill.

There's a bush park connecting those two streets. Didn't go through it. I can do parks later. A rather dank and overgrown creek ran out of the park and under the road next to the bus-stop. There were a few dogs running about and I saw that cute pup from number whatever. The owner's a bit of a grump.

The camellias are out in full bloom. On the bits of the bushes that get the sun anyways. Saw one covered in flowers on one side and just a few timid buds on the other.

Daylight Robbery

Only two cuttings nicked in the last fortnight. I'm walking the wrong streets obviously. Another pale pink/white rambling geranium on Friday and a variegated one today.

All the other recent cuttings are doing well. Not growing rapidly but who can blame them with the cold nights.

The lavender has left the intensive care ward and is now well and truly alive. It's put out some new branches. They're parallel to the ground. It's so long since I had a lavender I can't remember if that's normal behaviour for a lavender. But hey, as long as the bastard grows I'm good. [UPDATE, January 2006: Sadly, this lavender has kicked it but before it died it was a decent insect repellant and that's never a bad thing.]

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