I walked every street in Woy Woy

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Walk #19

(Walked 30th of May 2005)

A miniature walk. A single street. It's been puzzling me for a while. Every time I looked at the map I tried to remember seeing it. It was only a block long and not in a spot I normally go to. But now I know where the bastard is and what's on it. Which is half the point of this walking-every-street thing.

I saw it on my way to the shop last week and knocked it off on the way back. It was all light industrial, nine auto repairers, a whitegoods repairer, a swim school and a dance school. Hopefully the swimming school will have adult swimming times. It was indoors so it must be heated. Mmm... heated pool... I miss the old one terribly. They ripped it down (or up, since it was a pool) two years ago. They said it'd be finished in 2003. Yep, it's a council job. [UPDATE, the pool was finished mid-late 2005.]

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