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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Walk #23 - I'm livin' in the seventies

(Walked on 12th of June 2005)

Stepped back in time again today. Back to the seventies again. Self-conscious houses with small windows and dark brick. Or white brick. Which always looks tacky. It was a very quiet afternoon. The scent of sausages and sauce and the warm sun made it feel like a summer Sunday.

A tall bloke with a big gut and a small head was watering his lawn in violation of the new water restrictions. The drain marked on my map next to the primary school is actually a strip of bush with a creek in it. Found a cul-de-sac not marked on my map and, going into it, suddenly jumped forward 30 years into the noughties. Which is why it's not on my 1990 map. There was a lovely example of Federation revival in it. Not too overdone and had the appropriate garden too. Lavender, roses and so on. Cottage garden sort of thing.

Federation features
(Big version)

Across the road was another cul-de-sac. This one going up to the foot of the ridge. It was back to the seventies in there. And dead quiet except for 20 cents clacking round in the pocket of something in a washing machine in the back of a garage. The first couple of houses were in the sun still. The end of it was in the full shadow of the ridge. At the end there was a rather twee house trying hard to look like some Swiss alpine thingy. Looked bloody silly against the gums. Beside it was open access to the hillside of the ridge. Most of the hills round this way are too steep for being built on and this one was no exception. The bit in the cul-de-sac was about a sixty degree slope and covered in ferns and rocks. It was dank and damp and menacing and smelt of mould.

Dank Close
(Big version)

Stood there looking up at a pumpkin-coloured house on top of the ridge. Had a faint feeling of dread. Not due to the colour, though was pretty dreadful. It was the thought of taking my out-of-condition quadriceps up to the top of that ridge. Still, it'll do me no harm in the end and none of the roads go straight up. They wind a bit and there's some hairpin bends and so on. And when I get up there I'll be able to see clear up to Gosford and maybe up to Tuggerah Lake.

It was warm enough in the sun that I was wearing a short sleeved shirt but in the shade it was cold. Standing there in the shade on a slightly hilly road with the ridge ahead of me it felt like I was in the mountains. Might go up to the Blue Mountains some time this winter.

Then I went along to the other end of Shoalhaven. Which overlooks the railway underpass and that slightly creepy nursing home. It's too neat and quiet. Probably just not fully inhabited yet. It's brand new and some of the little villas look empty.

From there it was downhill then back home on flat streets. A stout wheezy bloke lingered by his letterbox to say hi as I went past. Bit too eagerly, poor dear. I must've been the only person he spoke to all day.

No cuttings ripped off today. But I found two small geraniums in a shopping trolley. Roots and all. Bit of a strange scenario. I'm picturing a midnight raid, couple of blokes ripping up other people's gardens, getting sprung, grabbing most of the booty from the trolley and legging it off down the road.

It was a long walk today. One and a half hours. 50% more than any of my previous walks. By the time I started back I was desperate for a cuppa tea and something to eat. As soon as I got inside I bunged the kettle on and had a slice of bread with towering layer of marmalade on it.

My new shoes are doing fine. My feet are pretty tired still an hour after I've come home but they'll be fine in the morning.

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