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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Walk #24 - The long march

(Walked on 15th of June 2005)

My feet are killing me and I'm so thirsty I could drink a pub dry. The old quadriceps are a bit twangy too, due to a 30% gradient at the tip of one of the longer streets. Maybe a bit more than 30. Dunno. Each house was at the level of the previous house's roof. How steep is that?

(The rest of this post is unretrievable but memorable. I walked across the width of the Peninsula, had a bit of lunch by the beach and walked back. 9 kilometres (5.6 miles).

Bourke Road I remember particularly. It's a long straight road halfway down the Peninsula. Good pavements but not much shade. Even though it was winter it was a bright sunshiny day and I was pretty warm by then from walking. I remember my feet were hot and aching a bit. I just put my head down and zoned out, trudging along with my mind elsewhere.

After Bourke came Ryans Road. That goes up past the back of the High School and I could hear faint yells from the school grounds. At the ridge end Ryans Road curves and meets up with Veron Road. My plan was to walk up the short hill at the end of Veron Road. By the time I got there I was as hot as hell and my feet ached like mad. I looked up the slope of the end of Veron Road. It was steep and I was very tempted to leave it for another day. But I thought, Nah, it'll be a pain in the bum coming back for it, I'll do it now. So I went up it. I was sweating like a pig when I got to the top and the view wasn't as good as all that but doing it was good.

Don't remember the rest of the walk home but I remember how much my feet hurt. It was a bloody long walk for someone who'd barely been able to totter round the block in March of the same year and it gave me great satisfaction.)

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