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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Walk #27 - Paperbark Forest

(Walked 25th of June 2005)

It was raining all night and most of this morning. I bunged my walkies kit and a brolly (umbrella) in my satchel and waited for the sky to clear. It cleared just after lunch and I shot out of the house like a scalded rabbit.

Paperbark Forest #1
(Big version) Came across this beautiful little forest on one of my walks. On its left is the golf course and on its right a quiet lane. Had no idea it was there. One of the hidden treasures of suburbia.

Paperbark Forest #2
(Big version) Up at the end of the third street was the back of the golf course. Running along the fence of the golf course was the Everglades Wetland Reserve. It was beautiful. A narrow slice of paperbark forest. I wandered into it to get a photo. There were a few worried cheeps then it went dead quiet and still and I could feel dozens of birdy eyes on me.

Paperbark Forest #3
(Big version) The street alongside is called a boulevard but it's neither a street nor a boulevard. It's a lane plain and simple. Lane width, surfaced in loose bluemetal. A lane. But the forest was so beautiful and unexpected I broke my strict No Lanes Yet rule and walked it.

Paperbark Forest #5
(Big version) The forest is narrowest here. The light you can see through the trees is the golf course.

Paperbark Forest #4
(Big version) The sun was halfway down the sky (it was 2PM) and the lane was in full shade. The sun sparkled on the lagoon on the other side of the forest and glinted off the wet leaves. It smelt fresh and pleasantly damp. The birds went about their business again and the trees blocked the sounds of golfers. The lane was nearly a kilometre long (0.62 miles) and I felt like I was on a country road. It was such a great find. I'd never have known about it if I hadn't started this walk-every-street thing.

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Blogger Aubrey said...

Beautiful pictures! They made me hungry for trees... I live in Phoenix. Cacti don't count.

7:12 PM  
Blogger Spike said...

Thanks. The paperbark forest is magic. LOL re the cacti.

7:14 PM  

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