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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Walk #28 - Views

It started to rain just as I got off the bus. Bastard! But it wasn't heavy and the sound of it on my brolly (umbrella) was nice. Today's walk was steep nearly all the way. The bus dropped me off right at the end of the street and I started straight into it.

View from someone's carport

This was my second hill walk. It was a beautiful day. Sun and rain. Soft greens and greys and the whispy white of the low clouds.

I was puffed pretty quick but I was walking uphill as soon as I got off the bus. Walking up those steep streets was a good workout and the view was well worth it.

(Big version) Run-off from heavy rain makes temporary waterfalls all over the hillsides.

Pole house on rock
(Big version) This house was on three levels plus the carport. There was a steep wooden staircase up from the carport to the middle level.

The rocks in the bottom right corner are local rock spilt open by blasting. The red stuff on the rocks is sawdust washing down off the garden round the back.

Blast lines
(Big version) Making room for the road. Most of the big rocks are too bloody heavy to shift so the bits in the way are just blasted off. Beautiful colour inside.

View from higher up
(Big version) Looking along Veron Street. The hill in the mist is Daleys Point. Between it and the Peninsula is The Rip. Which is a narrow passage of water over which the Rip Bridge sits. The Rip Bridge gets you to St Huberts Island and up to Terrigal on Empire Bay Drive and the Scenic Hwy.

View from the top
This is Veron Street from a different angle. That bulky hill is Blackwall Mountain. The lower hill behind it must be Davistown.

It was a very rainy day. It stopped by the time I got to the top of my walk. The view was beautiful. White clouds low over the Coast, the soft greys of the heavier clouds, the greens of the trees and hills.

In another photo (which didn't #@$%! turn out) there was also a dull silver as tiny bit of sun came out and gleamed on the flat water in Phegans Bay. Which is to the left of this photo.

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