I walked every street in Woy Woy

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Walk #30 - Pines & palms

(Walked 4th of July 2005)

Pretty warm walk today. Very slightly humid weather. Started out under a clear sky and by the time I was home two hours later it was overcast. Doesn't look like rain though.

Everything Old Is New Again
(Big version) Built in the last 5 years or so. A good example of an updated classic.

Forties, fifties and seventies houses today. With a few recent reno's and new brick houses with Federation repro details. Another mix of retirees, newly married yobs and yuppies.

A couple of the seventies houses were ghastly. One chocolate brick place had taken out the hideous yellow bottle-end glass round their front door and replaces it with crappy Art Deco leadlight windows. The effect was startling. On another street there was another chocolate seventies place. This one was suffering from TMIL (Too Much Iron Lace). Iron lace looks great. On terrace houses and small Federation cottages. On a chocolate brick seventies place with too many palms it looks dead stupid. There were also nylon lace curtains. I wouldn't set foot in that house if they were giving way money trees.

There were a lot of pines and palms and small hairy dogs today. One mutt was walking its owner up near the golf course. Its owner was a Dear Old Thing who'd forgotten to take out a couple of curlers behind her ear. She wandered back and forth across the road after the dog, calling it plaintively. The dog just stared at her and piddled on fence after fence. It also tortured several large dogs behind fences by standing in their driveways and staring at them for several seconds. Then it would pretend it was leaving, sniff and piddle on their gardens then go back for another stare. One dog was so enraged I thought it'd swallow its own tongue or something.

Came across an overgrown patch of plants on a verge. There was a stalky plant with bunches of narrow red bell-shaped flowers and a geranium. It was fair game I tell you. sitting out there on the verge all unowned. I ripped it out, whipped out my trusty plastic bag, stuffed the geranium in it roots and all and legged it down the street.

Polynesian Hut
(Big version)

Detail Of Polynesian Hut
The wooden thingy on the roof was all handcarved.

At a corner with lots of pines and palms there was a Polynesian hut in someone's backyard. Complete with carved wooden roof beam. Not what you'd expect to find in suburban Australia but a pleasant surprise. Took a couple of photos. Which will be up next weekend.

A couple of the streets backed onto the golf course. I peered through the fence and realised that the long lagoon on the gold course is not connected to the paperbark forest after all. There's two lagoons, the smaller one being the one in the forest. I walked along beside the forest again. A kookaburra was quietly practising its evening chuckle and a magpie was zooming in and out of the trees like something out of Top Gun. Apart from the distant shouting of teenagers insulting each other, it was quiet and peaceful. I disturbed a bunch of ducks and they quacked off onto the lagoon. Hope the photo of that turns out.

It was only four streets but I feel like I've done a much longer walk. Which I have come to think of it. I walked all four streets twice, doubling back on my tracks to avoid walking along Ocean Beach Road with its smelly traffic. So I s'pose it was a fairly long walk. And now I'm off to satisfy the appetite its given me.

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