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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Walk #34 - Cold Ears, Hot Doughnut

(Walked on July 17th, 2005)

Not a wildly exciting walk today. But that’s part and parcel of this walk-every-street thingy. You gotta do all the streets and not just the fun ones.

Bottlebrush Tree
(Big version)

Anyways, it may well’ve been exciting in way that involved handcuffs and black helicopters if anyone’d noticed me loitering outside the electrical station. Went past one opposite the high school and stopped there to have a gander at it. Every night since the London bombings the community service announcements have urged us to report things like peeps lurking outside power installations. But I got nada.

But I wasn’t going to lurk forever. It was blowing a gale and my ears were freezing. Bloody hair needs tying back in the wind now and I forgot my beanie. I need a haircut actually. It’s starting to drive me batty.

Magnolia Denudata
(Big version)

Took a couple of photos of some half open magnolia denudata flowers. They’re notoriously difficult to photograph well. (Good photo here.) They’re starting to bloom now. They usually bloom right at the end of winter but they’re as confused by this sunshine as every other plant on the Peninsula.

Magnolia Denudata over the fence

The azaleas are losing their flowers. The lavender is blooming well though and the bottlebrushes. The frangipanis are all still at sixes and sevens and flowering willy nilly. Camellias are still blooming but many were pretty much stripped of flowers in that big wind a couple of weeks ago. The poinsettias lost half their flowers then too. That climber with flowers like bunches of orange fingers is blooming like mad all over the place.

Orange Fingers Climber
(Big version)

The weather people on the telly have been threatening us with a proper winter in August. I think the bottlebrushes will keep blooming through that, sunshine or no. And the lavenders maybe. But it’ll be interesting to see which plants still have to energy to flower when spring comes.

Lavender & Daisies
(Big version)

Overhead the pelicans had found a half decent thermal. It was strong enough to carry them up a few hundred feet. Not many thermals on a day like today. They need heat and not too much wind. Thermals are what they sound like: hot or warm air. Where there’s hot air rising (over dark ground like carparks, over factories, over the houses of parliment) it rises in a cyclinder. Much like a tornado or cyclone (hurricane) only moving upwards instead of downwards and not at all fast.

Penny Daisies
(Big version)

Back at ground level I noticed the demountables (temporary classrooms) at the high school have been there for twenty years or more, had a chat to someone about their dog, saw a bright purple house and walked one street three times (twice by accident) then headed into the warmth of Deepwater (local shopping centre).

There was hardly anyone in Deepwater. Must all be exhausted after the frenzy of the toy sale last week. Normally on the last day of the school holidays the teenagers are hanging out somewhere looking resentful and the little kids are begging for one last doughnut.

Anyways, whatever the reason, I got a nice peaceful sit-down in the doughnut shop and they’d just run out of doughnuts so they had to make me a fresh one. Oh bliss! Piping hot, soft and fresh, dusted with cinnamon and encrusted with sugar. And the smell of fresh-ground coffeebeans. I closed my eyes and savoured every mouthful.

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