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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Walk #35 - Sticky Bun

(Walked 20th of July 2005)

It’s been below 5 degrees (41 fahrenheit) every night for the last week and 15 (59F) during the day. So there’s less flowers to be seen. Even the magnolia denudata that’re covered in buds are mostly just waiting to see what happens.

Golden Wattle
(Big version)

Here and there there’s a poinsettia still covered in blazing red flowers in a sunny sheltered spot. But everything else is looking pretty battered and brown. Except the natives. The Geraldton wax and golden wattles and bottlebrushes are starting to come into full flower now. In some streets, mainly seventies streets, they’re the street trees. Walked down a couple of seventies cul-de-sacs today lined with blooming bottlebrushes and swarming with happily buzzing bees.

Last Of The Poinsettias In Bloom
(Big version)

Lots of cats and dogs snoozing in front yards, getting the sun on their stomachs. A fluffy chocolate-point cat near the hospital wanted to play and in another street a couple of plump galahs in an aviary soaked up the sun with their eyes closed.

A couple of big dogs grinned at me and tried to pull their owners off course as they were jogged past and one of those little white hairy dogs laid on its back to be scratched as soon as it came level with me. Think I’ve met this dog before. Its owner was embarrassed by the dog’s lack of caution around strangers.

Walked a tangle of short backstreets in the middle of the Peninsula. Mostly seventies and forties houses again, another purple house and plenty of recent units along the main road. Blackwall Road, the main road, was quiet.

Blackwall was backed up for a kilometre by the lollipop sign at the roadworks. It’s a busy road. Well, yes and no. Busy for the Peninsula yes, busy for a main road in a city no. It forms part of the route from the F3 motorway to the beach suburbs like Avoca and Terrigal. Plus there’s all those trucks going down it to the building site at Ettalong.

Outside the pool they were putting signs on the road at the new crosswalk. Now the pool building is up they’ve put in a set of traffic lights at the corner and a crosswalk with a traffic island and the full whatsit.

I always presumed they painted the words on the road but these guys were using pre-cut pieces of something or other. Couldn’t smell it but I imagine they fix them down with some sort of glue. There were two guys with lollipop signs holding the traffic back and two other guys on their knees arranging the bits of something or other into words. As I strolled past another guy with a clipboard was telling the two doing the words about a photo in the Main Roads newsletter of a guy carefully glueing down the last piece of the word ‘SOTP’.

Further down The Shop That Kills Businesses has changed hands again. It’s an old cottage, twenties or older, hidden under decades of revamps and shopfront windows. It’s on the main road and at a cursory glance I s’pose it looks like a good place for a shop. Lots of passing trade. Only they’re passing and not stopping. There’s no handy carpark for them to pull into and by the time they’ve found somewhere to park they’re at the shopping centre anyways and can’t be stuffed walking back. Every business that moves into that shop either goes out of business or gets the hell out of Dodge.

From there it was only a few blocks to the shops. Had a nice feed of Chinese for lunch and a sticky bun after then stood at the bus-stop with the sun on my back for ten minutes. Very theraputic.

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