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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Walk #37 - Turkeys, Steak & Icecream

(Walked 24th of July 2005)

Went back up to that high street where I got the cloudy misty photos over the Peninsula. Scarcely a cloud in the sky all day so there was no way I was going to get the same type of photo as the one above. But I’m after photos of the good views in all weathers and they’re certainly good views up there.

View Along Veron II
(Big version)

So this time I had an extra film and nothing was going to stop me from getting all the photos I wanted. Well, that was the theory anyways. Forgot to change the batteries before I went and ran into a bit of aggro with that.

Phegan's Bay From Timbertop Drive
(Big version)

But I did get those lovely views over Phegans Bay I missed out on last time and that was the whole point of the walk. I was pretty warm by the time I'd climbed up there and got rather hot under the collar over the battery issue. But I forgot about all that looking for the right angles for the best pictures. The water in Phegans Bay and what I could see of Brisbane Water and Hardys Bay was bright blue in the afternoon sun. A pelican flapped along over Blackwall Road and more sirens went up to the F3 (motorway). Must’ve been a big prang up there.

As I came back down from the horn of Timbertop Drive a brush turkey stepped out of the undergrowth and stood near the kerb. I got my camera back out. It saw me and legged it across the road. I stalked it and managed to get off a couple of shots. It was in the shade though so I don’t know how much you’ll be able to see of the black turkey against the dark green of the trees in shadow. It went into the undergrowth on the downhill side of the road and I could hear it rustling about.

Brush Turkeys
(Big version
Fact sheet thingy

A few metres further along a couple more turkeys crossed the road. Male and female this time. The males are black with yellow beaks and red jowls. Unless it’s red beaks and yellow jowls. We’ll know when I get the film developed. The females are dark grey with brown bits and white specks. The better to hide in the bush I s’pose.

Anyways, these two were too far away for decent photos so I stalked them. I walked as slow as I could, not treading on anything crunchy. The turkeys looked at me suspiciously and wandered along the curb. I took a photo in case they disappeared downhill. They stopped and squinted at me worriedly. I tried to look harmless. They started walking again. They were still in the shade so I was after at least one photo of them in the sun. They were heading into a patch of sun. Yes! Slowly they went, slowly I went after them. Slowly slowly they paced towards the patch of sun. They reached it! They stepped into it! I pressed the shutter button! Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Bloody battery was too low again. I gritted my teeth, steam came silently out of my ears. I gave it a few minutes while the turkeys scratched the grass and looked at things they might like to eat. I had another go. The battery would be okay for one shot now. I aimed, I steadied, I pressed. A vague whirr and buzz from the camera. I’d run out of film. Stone the bloody crows.

By the time I got a new film in the bastards were gone. They disappeared down someone’s driveway. I could hear them, or the other one, crunching over some dry leaves but I couldn’t find them. Ah well. Another day maybe. Got off another view picture to console myself. (UPDATE, January 2006: Luckily, as you can see above, the sunlit turkey photo was able to be developed.)

I’d gone for just the views from the top of Timbertop but seeing as I was there already I ripped off another walk. A few streets at the foot of the hill.

It was quiet now except for birds in the trees on the ridgeside. I could smell bush burning. Couldn’t see any smoke though. Must be someone firing up a barbeque using wood from the ridgeside. After a few minutes they put some steak on. Definitely a barbie then.

There were almost no cars on the road. A quiet snipping came from one backyard and a large dog barked at me lazily over a brick fence. It was the kind of warm afternoon where everyone who’s not out on their boat is laying on the sofa with the cricket on or BBQ’ing steak.

Magnolia Denudata Against Frangipani
(Big version)

So far all the magnolia denudata I’ve seen for months have been in bud but not with more than a few flowers. Today I saw four of the pink and white ones completely covered in flowers. Beautiful. They’re hard to photograph well but I took a few photos and we’ll see how they come out. Also got another golden wattle photo. The wattles are in full and glorious bloom all over the Peninsula.

Marked off the last street of today’s walk and started back. I was pretty warm and my feet were starting to throb. They seem to throb more on the weekends. Weird. How do feet know what day it is? Anyways, I’d been hearing Mr Whippy (icecream van) for the last half hour and the sound was driving me batty. A nice cold icecream would go down a treat and take my mind off my aching feet. I could hear him in a street nearby. Then he came up the street I was walking. Oh bliss! I got a double choc top with extra choc and a chocolate bar sticking out of it. It went down a treat and I marched off home with renewed energy.

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