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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Walk #38 - Howling Gale & Ferry Ride

Got the kettle on and am going to inspect my pot plants for wind damage when it boils. There’s been a howling gale here today and it’s still windy. It’s just on sunset and instead of the clouds going pink or purple or whatever, they’re gold and there’s a weird and beautiful golden light. Beautiful end to a day of thoroughly enjoyable weather.

Davistown houses
(Big version)

Went on a ferry ride. Up into the smaller part of Brisbane Water and back. Up close to the mangrove islands, little old houses inhabited by Dear Old Things, big ugly glass rich people’s houses to diss, a Dear Old Thing on the ferry who couldn’t remember where she was. Very nice afternoon out.

Fishing Boat
(Big version)

Before that I Walked one short street overlooked on a previous walk then walked along the foreshore park. It was bright and sunny but too windy for the seagulls to crowd round after food. Only the pelicans were still up in the air. The ducks and seagulls and one fat white goose were huddled on the ground with their beaks tucked round under their wings. The magpies had gone wherever magpies go in such weather.

(Big version)

Pelican Island Beaches
(Big version)

Had my lunch on a seat under a stand of pines and listened to the wind howl and shriek along the powerlines and through the pines. The sun sparkled bright white on the water, the boats jerked and twitched at their moorings, pelicans hung in the air facing into the wind, two old guys walking along the footpath giggled with joy as they leaned into the wind. Twiggy bits off the trees were scattered on the ground everywhere and there was the occasional crash of an unfastened gate somewhere. Hope it’s still windy when I go to bed tonight. Love laying there all tucked up in bed listening to the wind.

Been searching my map for another Long March to do. I can feel another one coming on. Perhaps tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain.

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