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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Walk #42 - Two New Patterns

Not the most exciting walk today but pleasant enough. Apart from the bit where the old guy peering half-blind over the steering wheel of a 4WD (SUV) nearly ran me over. He was having enough trouble working out where the road was, let alone the pedestrians. Perhaps it was him the ambulance rescue truck was chasing.

Magnolia Denudata Through The Fence
(Big version)

Mostly little yappy dogs behind fences today. Bored silly. A rottweiler pup wandered out to the footpath to make friends but got scared when I put my hand out. A plump cat streaked home along the verge and sat watching me suspiciously from a warm rock in its front garden. More magnolia denudata in full and beautiful bloom too.

I found another park not on my map and sat there for a while. It was just a couple of house blocks square. A low fence, a jungle gym and swing, couple of picnic tables and two dozen paperbark trees. Very pleasant spot to spend a few shady minutes.

I was facing a long straight street running from Ocean Beach Road (which is one of the main roads) back to the ridge. There are long straight streets on either side of Ocean Beach Road, running perpendicular to it. I've walked maybe half of them now and all of them have had mostly forties and some seventies houses on them.

There are shorter streets, like the astronaut streets, running parallel to Ocean Beach Road. Those streets are almost entirely seventies. A few of them so far've had a couple of sixties houses.

Add to that the amount of the parallel streets with paperbarks as street trees and the increase of paperbark parks through the seventies streets and I think we're seeing a couple more patterns.

1. The long straight streets running perpendicular to Ocean Beach Road were made in the forties or possibly the thirties, and the shorter streets running parallel to Ocean Beach Road were made in the sixties and seventies.

2. The sixties and seventies streets weren't made until dry land on the Peninsula started to run out and boggy ground became profitable.

Not the world’s most earth-shattering discoveries but it's fun to make them for yourself.

After I'd sat there thinking all that through I finished my walk. Up behind the high school, down the hill on the other side then home.

There was no footpath behind the high school. There was a de facto storm drain on the downhill side of the road. That was more even ground than the lumps and dips of driveways on the other side.

On the uphill side of the road there were two and three storey houses pressed back against the hill with steep driveways and staircases up to their front doors. Peering between the trees on the downhill side I worked out they must have a view over to Phegans Bay and perhaps to the F3 (motorway between Sydney & Newcastle).

The downhill side was all pine needles and lantana and goat tracks down into the back of the high school. It smelt like stale pee. The sound of tardy teenagers below was barely audible over the little yappy dogs going berserk on balconies on the uphill side.

It was a warm day. Verging on hot. I was pretty warm when I got home and thirsty despite the mid-walk apple.

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