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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Walk #44 - Tasmania To The Great War

(Walked 13th of August 2005)

Today I walked from Tasmania to the 1st World War. I started at Hobart Street and finished in The Dardanelles. It was hard on the feet.

It was a good long walk though and chewed off a decent chunk of my remaining streets. I’m halfway now and could easily finish before the end of spring (31st of December).

It was nippy when I went out. The sun was warm as usual but there was a cruel breeze. But I was only chilly for a few minutes and by the end of my walk that breeze was cool rather than cold and was welcome.

Hobart Avenue was mostly forties and before. There were a few seventies brick-overs and a couple of sixties places but not many. Makes sense. It’s close to the beach and Whatsit Street.

There were three old shops on it. None of them is on my list of pre-1940 buildings from last week’s research. Pity. They looked old enough to be included. They were all thirties or earlier. Two of them have been turned into pricey cafés and the third is an empty rundown house. There was no demolition or development order on it so I’m guessing it’ll be there for a few more years. [UPDATE, January 2006: Unfortunately not.]

It was a pretty quiet walk. The Bledisloe was on and ever rugby tragic on the Peninsula was indoors with his sweaty mates oohing and groaning over goals and penalties.

An elderly dog wandered about making friends with people and nearly getting run over and a big vee of ibises flapped over heading for Barrenjoey Head. I turned down the second street and found The Garbage House. You know those Dear Old Things who’re found dead after three weeks surrounded by cats? It was one of those houses. A crappily built seventies place on a corner. The three VW vans on the verge were stuffed full of garbage. All in white plastic bags from the supermarket. There was a narrow veranda running halfway down the side of the house. It was filled with more garbage in bags and some boxes. The garbage bins out the front looked empty. The weirdest things in this universe are human.

The Garbage House
(Big version. This photo taken 6th of January 2006. On the 13th of August 2005 the veranda was also piled high with garbage.)

That street and the rest of today’s streets were long and straight and ran parallel to Ocean Beach Road and fitted the seventies settlement pattern I noticed last week.

There was another lawn bowls club and an oval at the end of the street. The BMX and skateboard park on the other side of the oval was too far to be noisy. There was some bellowing from the soccer game on the oval but I didn’t stay long.

I plodded along, getting dozy in the sun. A small excitable dog rushed at me and jumped up, spinning ecstatically in the air then bounding off again. It was a puppy and rushed around grinning like mad. Its name was Ruby and it had three kids to work all that puppy energy off on. A couple of blocks further there was a large lugubrious dog laying in its driveway. Every few minutes it lifted its head and let out an aggrieved howl. A small dog a few houses away barked hysterically in reply.

Sat on a low wall for a few minutes rest. Got a couple of books from the op shop before I started. Had a look at them while I sat there and was disgusted to find the Tales of Mystery & Imagination are “retold by M.W. Thomas”. Bugger. That’ll have to go back. I want the real deal. But I also got a hardback 1991 copy of Miles Franklin’s My Career Goes Bung and something called Love On A Branch Line which I’ve heard of in a vague sort of way.

Put some more sunblock on and got back on my feet. The traffic was picking up again now. The Cup was finished. A Dear Old Thing passed me going the other way and Staffordshire terrier dragged its owner along. A few minutes later I sat in a bus-stop and coloured in the last street then got the bus home.

I’ve still got a big chunk of the flat streets in the middle to walk and most of the hill walks. But I’m halfway now.

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