I walked every street in Woy Woy

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Walk #46 - Pressed Tin

(Walked 17th of August 2005)

When I got up this morning the sky was blue and the sun was already warm. It was almost hot on my walk. Saw a couple of people in tee shirts. I've worn a shirt for most of my walks this winter. Only needed a jacket a few times.

All the streets I've walked this last fortnight have been flat straight streets. All the same, all different.

All with the same amount of dogs, a few of them roaming the street and most of them barking ferociously at the slightest thing that moves. Cats perched on fences soaking up the sun. Lorikeets and honeyeaters nibbling at the flowers and magpies cawing and hopping about on the ground.

All with the same type of cars, the same mix of houses from the fifties to the seventies and a sprinkling of pre-twenties, eighties and noughties on a solid base of thirties and forties. All with the same fashions in gardens helping me date their houses.

But they only look the same at first glance. They all have little quirks and idiosyncrasies. Every now and then you stumble upon a purple house or a pink one like today. Or a new house being built with a strong stylistic influence from the fifties. Or a cat that’s so eager for a pat it leaves its food bowl and runs up to strangers. (For its troubles I gave the cat a double-handed ear massage. I think it expired from bliss.) Or pressed tin on the front of a sagging old rental house. Or some tiny unspoken war like houses opposite each other flying the flags of enemy footy (football) teams.

Such small delights make every single walk interesting and make even streets as quiet and dead as Woy Woy's come alive.

40s & Older
(Big version) Colorbond roof.

I noticed another pattern today as well. Maybe 10% of houses and units built in the last ten years have tiled roofs. The rest have Colorbond roofs (the new version of the old tin roof). The tiles are mostly on the blocks of units for retirees. Interesting. Not world-shaking but just the sort of thing you don't notice until you start walking every street.

I've been tired and grumpy lately. Bit of pain from the guts and I'm not sleeping well. But I rarely feel like not walking. Haven't felt like that since I got into the swing of this walkies thing. I've felt much healthier since I started.

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