I walked every street in Woy Woy

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Walk #49

(Walked 23rd of August 2005)

(Original posts from #48 - 59 lost and I'm re-writing from my notebook.)

My notes say it was bloody nippy again but I wore powerful underwear and a scarf. There were plenty of 40s and 70s houses and one with a very steep-pitched roof and dormer windows. A very European look. There were dozens of dogs and cats and Dear Old Things parked out in the sun warming themselves over. There was a budding cherry blossom tree and a couple of frangipanis putting out a few leaves in the sun.

It appears that I walked all the way across the Peninsula from Lens Avenue (near the ridge) to Ettalong. Not as long a walk as The Long March but not short either. My notes say: "Sat at foreshore watching waves and ferry. Half Tide Rocks just visible. Big wet dog." Okay, now I remember. That dog brought me a stick and I threw it for him a few times then he settled down on my feet and ate the stick with every sign of enjoyment.

After that it looks like I walked back to Springwood Street and caught the bus home from the bowling club. If I remember right the wind got up and whispered pleasantly through the mesh of the bus-stop.

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