I walked every street in Woy Woy

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Walk #5

(Walked 11th of April 2005)

My notebook says it was an overcast day with plenty of birds about.

Red leaved bush

(Below is one of the reasons I chose walking instead of some other form of exercise.)

That New York City walk guy's site was the catalyst. His walking every street in Manhattan interested me. You would definitely feel like you knew a bit about your local area after that. So I got off my arse and started my walk of every street of my local area on the 1st of March this year, which was the start of Autumn. And now a mate has joined me. Not walking with me here but walking in Chicago. We're keeping each other on track. As Shauny points out: "Exercise is no fun unless There's some sort of petty challenge involved."

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