I walked every street in Woy Woy

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Walk #50

(Walked 26th of August 2005)

(Original posts from #48 - 59 lost and I'm re-writing from my notebook.)

My notes say "couple of fat geese, mud, jungles, berserk dogs". Don't remember the berserk dogs (there's been so many) but I remember the geese and mud and jungles.

I got the Cowper Road bus and got off at Neera Road. Along the creek there the tide was out and I could see the mud flats with geese and native waterfowl scratching about on them. There were a couple of houses whose owners appear to've got into mung beans in the seventies and planted palms and monsteria and strangle vines in their backyards.

I remember it was a warm day and the sun was out. Neera Road was flat but then I went up Mountain Ash Way it was a shit as hell. It was the first or one of the first steep I did and I remember stopping in the shade half a dozen times on the way up. It was hard yakka but I got to the top without a block-and-tackle and a team of navies and was much pleased.

My notes say I did another eight streets but I don't remember the rest of the walk.

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