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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Walk #52 - Dark & Windy

(Walked 31st of August 2005)

(Original posts from #48 - 59 lost and I'm re-writing from my notebook.)

"Gusty as hell," my notebook says, "Leaves, grit, DOT forced against side of car." The azaleas were out "full throttle this time", as well as bright orange daisies and the tiny white flowers of a prostrate tea tree. I remember there was also a lot of orange jessamine and roses and several front gardens full of palms. There were also jonquils, according to my notebook, and I'm not a big fan of them. They look okay but they smell like shit.

I went up to the end of Australia Avenue and crossed the footbridge over some swampy ground. There was a small park that seemed to be entirely reeds and a sign saying 'Kahibah Lagoon and Wetland'. There were a few cigarette butts and choc-milk cartoons on a narrow path into the reeds so I'd say it's used as a teenage hang-out.

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