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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Walk #55 - Knob

(Walked 5th of September 2005)

Back to Ettalong on this one. My notes say some fancy bit of the roof at the Ettalong Markets had come off and I remember it was glowing a gale the day before.

King's Store & Booker Bay General Store
(Big version)

The caption on this photo at Flickr says: "Stood there for yonks waiting for a clear shot. It was one of those days for traffic.

The Booker Bay General Store at 72 Booker Bay Road is in my history list as built circa 1918. The house on the back of the shop is lived in, presumably by the current owners.

King's Store at 78 Booker Bay Road is down as circa 1920. The house at the back is lived in and the shop itself is now part of the house by the look of it.

Booker Bay is one of the original villages on the Peninsula before it filled up with houses. You can see the village still in the number of pre-war houses around the bay."

Found a couple of other old buildings from my hist list. The old dairy at No108 Booker Bay Road is gone. "House, Sam Murray, 1 Bilba Avenue ... c.1910" was still there by the look of it. There was a garage obscuring it but I could see a rusty green tin roof with the right pitch and size for 1910.

The graveyard at "42-50 Bogan Road and 159/161 Booker Bay Road" is long gone but the two big old pines at its entrance are still there. You can see them clearly in this (large) photo.

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