I walked every street in Woy Woy

Monday, January 23, 2006

Walk #57

(Walked 9th of September 2005)

#57 is lost but my notes indicate I got the bus down to Cowper Road again (near the Mt Ettalong end of the beach), had a pastie from the shop and the architecture was mostly seventies and eighties.

There was also "distant clunk and roar of a bulldozer at Ettalong, the heavy scent of a jasmine climber, rottweiler on a balcony." I remember the rotty. It gave one bark and stared at me stolidly in the way of rottweilers. Lovely dogs but they don't come across as terribly bright.

There were palms, pencil pines, frangipanis, banksias, tea trees and Geraldton wax bushes and lorikeets twittering in a flowering gum.

I remember the guy yapping into a mobile phone and dragging a choking malamute along. It was hot and a bit muggy by then. Not ideal weather for walking a malamute. It was a very sandy area too. Dead grass on verges was going bald. A couple of streets further there was a birthday party with a rather strine country singer on the stereo and a lot of whooping from the partiers.

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