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Monday, January 23, 2006

Walk #58 - Astronauts

(Walked 10th of September 2005)

My notes tell me there was a "clearing sky" and "morning birds sounds, white roses with beautiful scent, muggy ... plenty of sprinklers on ... dogs laying in shade not barking".

I've also noted that there are "more birds sounds in 70s streets due to native trees fashionable in 70s, gums & paperbarks mainly".

Most of the streets I walked were named after astronauts. Lovell (Gemini 7 & 12 in 1965 & 66, Apollo 13 in 1970), Glenn (Friendship 7 in 1962, Discovery in 1998), Carpenter (Friendship 7 & Aurora 7 in 1962) and Shepard (Freedom 7 in 1961, Apollo 14 in 1971).

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Blogger Suzanne44 said...

What a great thing, to do the walk, of course, but also to put it all together like this for us to browse through. Did you mention the powerful underwear the first time around? How could I have missed it? Wouldn't Powerful Underwear be a great name for something, like a rock group or a novel or a movement? (No, not that kind of movement.)

I'm seriously stuck on this problem - all I can imagine is the rubberized ( or possibly vulcanized) mega-girdles my grandma used to wear until my mother talked her out of wearing dresses and hose and into polyester pantsuits and ankle socks. Powerful Underwear - all it needs is to be made into a roadside attraction along the lines of your World's Largest Banana ( or Pineapple or Lobster, etc.) I can see it now - The World's Largest and Most Powerful Underwear, with busloads of people rolling up every hour to have their picture taken in front of an enormous fiberglass hourglass of a bodysuit, and stairs up the inside leading to a viewing platform where you could look out across the countryside from the cleavage, and giggling pimplefaced boys prowling about the crotch and writing rude graffiti - feel free to delete this comment...

10:40 AM  
Blogger Spike said...


ROFL. And I love the busloads showing up at the World's Largest and Most Powerful Underwear. I can see drag queens coming too from far and wide to poke votive candles into the cleavage and have their pictures taken posing in front of if in their own fifties-style mega-girdles.

Powerful Underwear be a great name for something, like a rock group

Totally. I can see them up there on stage with their rock-god hair and sheepish looks singing songs like 'Things my granny makes me wear' and 'I've got a girdle on (would you like to see?)'.

4:47 PM  

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