I walked every street in Woy Woy

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Walk #6

(Walked 14th of April 2005)

God, I'm whacked. Walked twice this week and this walk was maybe 20% further than the others. But the doctor gave me the all-clear re the flu today so I'll soon be able to walk further now without stopping for a wheeze. Woo hoo!

Bank of pink azaleas
(Big version)

Almost every hibiscus was flowering, some roses were and some of the impatiens. Must be the warm sunny afternoons we’ve had over the last week.

Met a couple of chihuahua crosses. Bloody things are everywhere! One of them was corgi coloured (golden with a touch of ginger) with corgi eyebrows and shoulders and a corgi-ish snout. The other one might've had some terrier in it. The owner had got them from the pound and didn't know.

There's a lot of dogs round here. Walking in the afternoon I don't see many of them out and about. Most of the dogwalking is done early in the morning. But I see plenty of them sitting on verandas and watching the world from behind gates and fences. Some of them run to the fence and bark for attention and I stop and scratch them in those hard-to-reach spots. The cats are rather more timid, of course. They sit there staring at me with that fuck-you look cats do so well. I love them.

Off Ettalong
(Big version)

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