I walked every street in Woy Woy

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Walk #7

(Walked 17th of April 2005)

Went this afternoon. Sunday. Took a photo of some ducks and their tracks in the black and grey sand of a tiny beach. When I'm all fit and shit I'll go walking at 6AM when the light is good for photos. In the late afternoon the sun's too low.


Duck prints
(Big version)

Found a bush park so small it's not on my map. It had water access too. White sand beach this time with mangroves starting to poke up through the sand. If it doesn't get enough use it'll be all mangroved over in a few years.

One street was almost all 1920s - 50s holiday houses. All with water access. One of the houses was tiny. The backyard was as big as yer hankie and the water frontage was maybe seven metres (about 23 feet) across and had a blue kayak on the back veranda. How good would that be? Small house yeah, but water access! I'd be out there in the kayak before breakfast. Bloody beautiful.

Saw a beautiful puppy. Don't know what breed. Light brown, shorthaired and going to be a big dog one day. It came bounding out of its backyard and cuddled up to me while I scratched it. The owner was a sour bugger.

View from the station
View from Woy Woy train station.

Mushrooms have been popping up in the last few weeks. They grow here and there in people's backyards and on the verge. Usually button mushrooms and those big flat ones you get at the supermarket. There were some growing outside the fence at my old place. I had to be quick to pick them before the early morning dog walkers got them. Saw a couple of poisonous ones today. Dark brown on top and bright yellow underneath. No surprise they hadn't been taken.

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