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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Walk #8

(Walked 23rd of April)

Took pics of a red cattle dog I've seen a few times before. It's very quiet, suspiciously so for a cattle dog, and kept looking over its shoulder at the house before sniffing me and my camera. It was rather peeved to find the camera wasn't edible but seemed to enjoy having its pic taken.

(Big version)

Also got a couple of the puppy round the corner. The one that lays over the fence like a fainting Victorian lady. It's grown another 20% in the last couple of months. Hope it slows down soon or it'll end up the size of a bloody horse. Still got no idea of its breed. Probably another cross breed. They seem to be everywhere.

Fainting lady
(Big version)

The occupant of a flat a few doors down from me got a puppy. Very cute. It was at the window whimpering to be let out to play when I was in the carpark. Floppy ears, white with medium brown, shorthaired. Very familiar but I couldn't name its breed either. I wish I still had the breed recognition skills I learnt from my grandparents as a kid.

Ripped a couple of substantial cuttings off a geranium growing close to the curb on my walk. One of those ones with sharp-looking leaves and a deep purple flower. My mother used to have one of them down the side of the house.

My other stolen cuttings are doing well. The soil in their pots is still damp from that lovely soaking rain a few days ago. The rambling one looks like it'll open another bud or two.

Saw a small frangipani on my walk and was a bit tempted to rip it out of the ground and leg it off down the road. But I'll wait and buy the biggest one I can get and have its shade to sit under next summer.

Nip over to Catron County Walk and cheer WanderingFeet on. She and her walking companions have only 18 more miles of a particular highway in New Mexico to walk. They’re doing a 500 mile walk. My own walk rather pales in comparison.

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