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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Walk #9

(Walked 27th of April)

Got home from my walk red in the face, all tuckered out, bottom of my feet thrumming slightly in protest. It was a big one. Twice as far as my average so far.

It was actually only a 25 - 30 minute walk for a fit healthy person and far far shorter than many walks I've done in the past. But it took me an hour and I nearly fell asleep in my dinner afterwards.

It was mostly along main roads so it wasn't very interesting. Didn't take any photos or scratch any dogs. Went past the fainting lady dog but it didn't wake up and I didn't want to scratch it. I was going to stop off at the next corner and get an icecream. Which I did. One of them choc-milk onna stick jobs.

I wanted a weiss bar but they were three bucks. Admittedly it was the petrol station shop and they can charge pretty much whatever to the SUV wankers but three bucks! Bugger that. I'll buy a pack from the supermarket. Weiss bars are the best. A slab of pulped frozen fruit with a strip of frozen yoghurt along one edge. Bloody delicious.

Anyways. No photos were taken. (See: wasn't very interesting.) But I saw that weird earless-looking dog again and achieved a decent sized walk without keeling over in the street. When does my medal arrive?

Polished off a long street nearby. I'd be fun to walk the main roads from end to end in one go but I'm so not up to that at the moment. One day I'm going to walk all the way round my designated walk area. On a cool day. With a support car idling along behind me. Or perhaps an ambulance.

That Caleb Smith bloke gets heaps of press for his walk. I'm jealous. Well, a bit. Not sure I'd want my mug in the paper. (American readers, mug is face.) There's a link over at Suzanne's blog to his latest newspaper appearance. And you should congratulate her too, on finishing Highway 180. Go Suzanne!

Next walk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with that


4:36 PM  
Blogger Spike said...

Thanks. Will be having a go at it next winter.

4:37 PM  

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