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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Walks #11 & 12


(Walked 4th of May 2005)

A short one. Part of a street I did most of the week before.

Took a coupla photos. One of a rose bush flowering with those tiny pink roses. Love those. They've got a decent perfume. Though last time I stopped to sniff some it was quite sunny and warm and I nearly snorted up a bee. [UPDATE, 18th of January 2006: This photo didn't turn out]

The plants are getting even more confused about what season it is. There's more roses out every day. Ditto hibiscus, azaleas, that purple flowering tree, frangipanis and heaps of others. I saw three poinsettias and one of them was starting to flower. Will be keeping an eye out for a flowering poinsettia and hibiscus to get in the same frame to illustrate the confusion.

Saw a few wee doggies. Including one that ran up to me and, after only a few seconds of scratching, rolled onto its back. Didn't even sniff me to see if I was safe. Its owner was so ashamed of its lack of caution. She had two others on a lead. One of them peed on everything while the other sat and regarded me solemnly.

Saw several cats basking in the warm spots on driveways. Including a chocolate point siamese with all its legs tucked right under it. Looked bloody awkward but cats seem comfy like that.

Also saw a treehouse. A kid-made one of old boards and splinters. A two-parter in a dense leafy tree. Very nice. Not as nice as that one in the Jane Austen movie Ang Lee directed but that was a luxury job.

My walkies mate has been suffering from aches & pains. The result of the sudden return to exercise and doing a few big walks rather than many small ones. It'll pass.

I'm still with the throbbing feet but I notice walking on the grass not the footpath makes a big difference and so does slowing down. Sometimes I find myself thumping along and getting all peeved and sore then I slow down and things stop hurting. Mind you, thumping along in my case currently means just fast enough to out-pace a snail


(Walked 7th of May 2005)

The rain started last night and lasted until lunchtime. Beautiful grey sky and gentle rain falling straight down. Not a breath of wind. When it starts to rain I go into the bathroom and put my elbows on the windowsill and look out at the palm tree and listen to the rain on its leaves. I love the sound of the rain. If it's raining when I go to bed I'm out like a light and I sleep better.

As soon as the rain stopped today I got my shit together and off I went. I was incorporating a walk into a trip to the shops to put a film in for developing. Got my walk done, stayed dry, got to the shops, no film. @#$%*! But I got the paper and some corned beef for me sandwiches. Got quite warm in my jumper and waterproof. It looked like one of them chilly days but turned out to be almost warm by the time I ventured out.

Saw a black and white cat perched bolt upright on a car bonnet. Mostly black with a bowtie and eyebrows thing happening with the white. It stared at me perkily as I walked past but didn't budge. No doubt warming its bum on the heat from the engine. Further on there was a jack russel on a long lead. Its owner was moving along very slowly on a walking frame and the dog had time to explore every single inch of the terrain. It was wearing a bright blue and red doggy coat and looked ridiculous. Dwarfed by it. It wanted a scratch though and I gave it one. Friendly breed.

I don't see many big dogs out and about. Pity. I like a big dog. Preferably shorthaired and wearing a goofy expression. Though that big fluffy Malamute I see occasionally is nice. Very friendly.

Still no pedometer. Keep forgetting to look for one. Got no help with total road length from the library. They gave me the square mileage for my walkies area though. 19 square kilometres. Which is 7.34 square miles. Not a huge area but it's suburbia so there's plenty of roads to be walked.

Might do a similar walk tomorrow (I usually have a day between at least) and take that fucking film in to Kmart.

Downstairs and his drunken mates sound like they're shagging but are actually watching the footy. Tortured moaning and screams of "yes! yes! oh god yes!" are floating in through the window beside my comp.

Someone else nearby is listening to the races on the radio. The sound of the races always reminds me of my grandfather sitting in his shorts and sandals and long socks* at the kitchen table. The wireless would be on the end of the bench behind his ear and his foot would twitch every now and then as they came up the home straight. He never had much on the horses and sometimes nothing but he liked to listen to the call. He went to the dog track a fair bit when he was a young man and he and Gran once bet their last few pence on the dogs and won a month's rent. This was in the Depression so it was a big deal. Will tell you more about that soon in the family history thingy.

* Yep, he was a Pom (Brit). You can spot a Pom in Australia a mile off from the sandals-and-socks thing.

Another urban explorer

Linky is an ex-pat Pom living in Sydney. Like many Poms living in Australia he's obsessed by our beaches. I understand the obsession. I've seen pictures of Pommy beaches and they're crap.

Anyways, he's visiting them all and in alphabetical order. Sounds like fun. He's got some good pics and does reviews of the beaches. And he was interviewed on the radio. Cool!

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