I walked every street in Woy Woy

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Walks #2 & 3

Walk #2

(Walked 18th of March 2005)

Huge gap between the 1st and 2nd walks. Had a bad dose of the flu which had me in and out of bed for about a month, voiceless part of the time and unfit to fly (to visit my Gran who'd had a stroke) for six bloody weeks.

Walk #2 was two blocks and I saw a brush turkey. Brush turkeys are black with a red beak and yellow flap round their neck. They generally stick to the hillsides but they come out in spring to look for a mate.

There's plenty of bush (forest) around Woy Woy so there's plenty of wildlife. Lots of native birds particularly.

Walk #3

(Walked 24th of March 2005)

(Big version) Rawson Road jetty.

This felt like a long walk at the time. Can't remember how many blocks it was but I was wiped out for days. I still had the flu at this point and had to stop every hundred yards or so for a wheeze. But it was good to get out of the house after so long.

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